Welcome to Rai-Breitenbach,
the "bio-energy village"!

Great that you would like to find out more about Rai-Breitenbach, our "bio-energy village". It is our great pleasure to tell you more about our forward-looking project on these pages!

The aim of the project is to convert biological material into electrical power and heat:

Imagine a village switching its energy supply entirely to biomass – this is what is happening in Rai-Breitenbach, a village with 900 residents and 1200 students in the heart of the Odenwald region. It is our goal to become the first "bio-energy village" in the German state of Hesse, an achievement that will not only result in a strong community, but also in sustainable growth for the whole region!

In a first step, the heating energy supply of Rai-Breitenbach will be switched to biomass. As of 2008, heat will be supplied by a purpose-built heat plant. To operate this plant, a typical regional resource will be put to good use: wood – or more precisely – wood chips, will be used to cover the required basic energy load; also, peak and partial load demands will be satisfied using vegetable oil from rapeseed.

We are also currently researching the utilisation of miscanthus (a form of reed) and are looking into the further integration of agriculturally generated resources.


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